Download Thao

There are two versions of Thao

The first one is for web developers and it's used only for web development. It's composed only by thao.css with precompilated CSS rules.
The second one is just for real nerds! It's Thao's source code, composed by native LESS files that you can edit and recompile for building your perfect CSS configuration.

Included files

Precompiled version

Precompiled version is composed only by thao.css. Once downloaded and unzipped it, you've just include it in your pages.

For web production would be better to use the minified version.

The minified version has the same code of the uncompressed version, but being compressed is more lightweight.
Source code version

Source code version is composed by Thao's .less files used to build the final .css file. This zip file is only for developers who want to build up their personal Thao release.

Basic template

Start with basic HTML template

Copy the HTML below or download the file to begin working with the basic template.

Disable responsiveness

By default Thao is responsive.

To disable responsiveness just replace with and delete the meta tag below

Browsers support

Thao is built to work correctly on the last browsers. Internet Explorer is supported from 8 to 11.

Unfortunately, some CSS properties does not work on Internet Explorer 8 and 9. This does not depend on Thao.

Property Internet Explorer 8 Internet Explorer 9
transition Not supported Not Supported
box-shadow Not supported Supported
border-radius Not supported Supported
Media queries

Media queries don't work on Internet Explorer 8. To "fix" this problem, you can use CSS3-mediaqueries.js.

Just download it and import it in your pages writing